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Chackenkulathu Kalapurayil family is an ancient Suriyani (Syrian) Christian family in Kerala, India. Mathew Joseph Founder of St Marthas Congregation was born on 14th Novemeber 1903. Mr. Joseph Kalapurakal is well merited for the Church, having been the originator, sponsor and support of a pious union of ladies now known as the Martha’s institute, now canonically recognised. His zeal and generous contribution in the matter was so notable that he is called the Founder of the Institute..


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"The Community of the Martha’s Sisters had its beginning at Moolamattom (Idukki Dt.) in the diocese of Palai, Kerala, India. This spiritual movement should certainly be attributed to the stirring of the Spirit through the agency of a layman of pious disposition. character and vision - Mr. Mathew Joseph Kalapurayil. It was his long cherished desire to start an institution for women. Who aspired for a religious Community life, but had neither sufficient financial backing nor educational requirements for admission to the existing religious communities. Mar Sebastian Vayalil the first bishop of Palai blessed the endeavour. So Mr. Mathew Joseph bought a plot of land near the Sacred Heart Convent at Moolamattom and the foundation stone of the institution was laid on 7th November, 1956. Mar Sebastian Vayalil blessed the new building on March 11, 1958 and named it “St. Martha’s Institute"

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